1st year


During the first year you will focus on mathematics and programming which will give you the foundation for most future courses. You’ll get knowledge of the English language, necessary for studying and interaction, learn communication and critical thinking skills. You will also have an original course in history, that will not only expand your worldview, but will also help you understand current global issues. During the academic year you will meet with specialists from leading IT companies, you will immerse yourself in the UCU environment, participate in UCU English Summer School. Substantial work in the library and computer laboratory, as well as office hours with the lecturers, will create a dynamic and effective learning process.

Upon completing the first year, you’ll get knowledge of:

  • logical inference and proof techniques, calculus;
  • basic concepts of discrete mathematics, discrete data structures, the basics of combinatorial analysis and graph theory;
  • how to program in Python language. You will create several games and other applications during coding hours;
  • principles of computer network design and packet routing. You will design and implement a modern office LAN;
  • English language on a upper intermediate level (B2);
  • methods of communication, self-learning, comparision, and analysis;
  • history and pathways of Western civilization.