Український католицький університет (УКУ) – некомерційний вищий навчальний заклад, який не отримує жодної фінансової підтримки з боку держави. Функціонувати, розвиватися та реалізовувати свої задуми Університет може лише за підтримки друзів з усього світу.

УКУ прагне стати провідним Університетом України. Для стабільного розвитку науки Університет заснував фонди для фінансування студентських стипендій. Завдяки цим фондам ми маємо можливість запрошувати спікерів з цілого світу, організовувати освітні заходи та студентські гуртки, проводити дослідження та міжнародні конференції.

Діяльність і місія Університету знайшли підтримку серед українських і закордонних фундацій і приватних жертводавців, зокрема у США, Канаді, Європі та Австралії. Складаємо подяку нашим жертводавцям з різних країн світу, які підтримують нашу програму та УКУ загалом.



Romexsoft — IT company based in Ukraine, providing high quality software development services at competitive prices for clients around the world. Romexsoft is a software development company, formed in 2004 in Lviv which is the prominent IT outsourcing center of Ukraine. During the last 10 years they developed and successfully delivered more than 80 projects to our clients. The company is dedicated to Web, Mobile and SaaS applications development. The Romexsoft Team is an Agile team that consists of experienced professionals with positive attitude to the work and the world.



For over seven years, Perfectial has been a business-oriented software engineering company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. With profound technological expertise in a range of business domains such as financial services, advertising & marketing, and real estate, Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses – from startups to mid-sized and large companies – to scale, evolve, and prosper.



“It’s an amazing impressive place and will help young Ukrainians take their rightful place in the future development of the world economy and civil society. Having visited over 20 universities in eastern Europe (Kyiv, LvIv, Minsk, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Budapest) as well as many in Mexico, India, Sweden, Belgium, UK and USA to see a building that was probably challenging the very best universities in Europe and North America in terms of the quality of the building and of its infrastructure. The rooms, lecture halls, canteen, rest areas, corridors, study rooms and campus grounds were truly amazing by any global standard. The student body is also very western in mentality. CS students have excellent English skills and seem exceptionally bright. There will be some great future European entrepreneurs and business leaders coming out of these classrooms!”, – ‎Karl Robb, Non-Exec Board Member, EPAM Systems Inc.


Yaroslav Charkovskiy & Zoryana Balko

“We wanted to help because of that value that creates UCU for the whole Ukraine. We believe in those people that create unbelievable projects here and make ideas work. Here people are a real inspiration. It’s a pleasure for us to return to this environment again and again. We both are relevant to the IT sector and just couldn’t stand aside when we heard about the [email protected] program that has become the new standard of education for IT professionals. We believe that UCU can change Ukraine for better and we want to help them in this. It’s an honor for us to support the university. So thank you for what you do!”


Андрій Павлів – “Стипендія імені Яреми Павліва”

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Slywotzky’s family

Adrian Slywotzky – Director of the Oliver Wyman Company, among the top 50 business thinkers of the world and the top 25 business consultants. Member of the Advisory Council of UCU’s Lviv Business School. Author of world best sellers on the issue of strategic management: “How Digital is Your Business?”, “The Art of Profitability”, “The Profit Zone”, “Migration of Capital”, and many other works and articles.


Alumni MS in Technology Management

MS in Technology Management — a partnership project that embodies LvBS together with Lviv IT Cluster. The curriculum MS in Technology Management is based on three main pillars — technology, business and management, technical skills (soft skills).


Lviv IT Cluster

Lviv IT Cluster – community, which cooperate and bring together biggest IT companies in order to develop IT in Lviv as well in Ukraine. They manage different projects like IT House, IT Research, IT Tour, IT Club, IT Expert, IT Future and IT Arena which aims to make IT one of the most prosperous and attractive sphere of business in our city.



Starting out as a small team of technically savvy entrepreneurs in 1991, ELEKS has grown into a large group of technological experts and professionals, servicing global corporations. ELEKS is among the world’s best 100 outsourcing service providers according to the listing by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®). The company was recognized for the commitment to continuous innovation, delivery excellence and customer centricity.



N-iX started out in 2002 as a product startup by two Ukrainian programmers and a German partner who came up with an idea to make software for Linux that would allow users to work with two Novell products, NetWare and GroupWise. In 2003, the technology was noticed and acquired by Novell, and N-iX continued to work with Novell developing the product further up to 2010. Therefore, Novell became the first company N-iX set up dedicated development center for. The success of this cooperation has inspired dozens of similar partnerships with some of the leading technology companies in Western Europe and North America in the next 13 years.



SoftServe is Ukrainian technology solutions company that provides software product and application development and services. With Its headquarters in Austin, Texas and European headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine, the company employs more than 3,900 people in offices throughout the United States and Europe. It is one of the largest software developers in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest outsourced IT company in Ukraine.