Taras Tymo


Theologian, teacher at Ukrainian Catholic University, Iconographic Program coordinator. At [email protected] program teaches Christianity.

Volodymyr Verhun


Engineer, Head of Educational Laboratory at Epam Systems. At [email protected] he teaches and conducts lectures as well as practical lessons from object-oriented programming.

Andrii Rodionov


PhD in information security, Java instructor at Epam Systems, Software developer,  Leader at Java User Group. At [email protected] he teaches and conducts lectures as well as practical lessons from object-oriented programming.

Yuliia Kleban


Ph.D. in Economics, Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Economics and Business at Ukranian Catholic University. Yuliia has defended the dissertation paper in Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought. She fluently speaks several foreign languages, e.g. English and French. Yuliia delivers lectures and seminars in English. She possesses experience of a lecturer of more than 10 years at other Lviv universities. Yuliia is an author of scientific papers both in Ukraine and abroad. During her career, she has been a holder of a foreign scholarship at Economics University of Bratislava (EUBA) and has been a temporal intern at one IT company. 

Andriy Pavelchak


Ph.D., Associate professor. He teaches and conducts practical lessons from databases, operating systems (in terms of C #) and programming microcontrollers automation systems (programming AVR (Atmel), Assembler and C, medium: AVR Studio 4, Simulator Proteus).

His research interests include the development of new methods of mathematical modeling of stationary and transient processes elektromaґnetnyh device management systems that allow you to consider a hysteresis elektromaґnetnyh relations and mutual influence maґnetnyh circuits and variable structure containing semiconductor valves.

AT UCU he teaches organization databases.

Oleg Farenyuk


Engineer, physicist. He teaches the basics of programming in C, Java, Python, Lua, and programming microcontrollers. He developed his own course on C ++.

At UCU Mr. Farenyuk teaches principles of computer operating systems and robotics.