Студенти MSc in DS взяли бронзу у світовому конкурсі Queen’s Innovation Challenge


Студенти магістерської програми з Data Science Українського католицького університету зайняли 3-тє місце у фіналі світового конкурсу Queen’s Innovation Challenge, виграли 14 000 доларів, а також придумали, як Банку Монреаля краще продавати свої інвестиційні продукти і отримати +5% до прибутку.


3rd year


In the third year you will learn methods of safeguarding information, artificial intelligence, and projection of user interfaces.  A separate project-oriented course with Lviv experts of IT companies will focus totally on the cycle of the development of program security, involving business analysis, projection, project management, team work, and testing.  During the third year of study, you may concentrate your learning by choosing special courses.  Special courses will be taught in the English language by lecturers from abroad.  Master classes and interaction with top Ukrainian experts in IT will enhance professional development and the establishment of professional contacts.  Summer  field placement will demonstrate the realities of life of the IT business and will be held at companies that are partners of the program.  Upon completion of the third year, you will  know:

  • methods and tools of requirements analysis and engineering;
  • methods of organizing an agile team work process, planning and management of projects;
  • methods and means of testing program security;
  • modeling methods of the decision-making process ;
  • basics of psychology and economics.