To apply for the first year of the program, the Selection Committee accepts the Certificate of the Center of Independent Testing 2017 (original or a properly notarized copy).

Documents accepted until 26 July 2018 ( by 6:00 p.m).

The cost of one year of the [email protected] and IT&BA programs is approximately  3 000 y.o. In order to cover this difference, the university turns for support to various foundations and benefactors. Consequently, tuition for one year for our students enrolled in the 2018 will be 49,000 UAH.  Tuition payment should be paid each semester in accordance with the contract.  Thanks to the generosity of donors of the university and the support of IT companies, the  best candidates for the Bachelor’s Program in Computer Sciences in the 2018-19 academic year have a chance to receive scholarships thanks to which they will receive a substantial decrease in the cost of tuition.

Contact the Program Coordinators for more details.