Machine Learning Summer Workshops

Machine Learning Summer Workshops are organized by Faculty of Applied Science at Ukrainian Catholic University. Workshops’ participants – young professionals, students, Ph.D. candidates – will study the methods of the machine learning in the problem domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Reinforcement Learning.

The workshops are all problem-oriented, i. e. study process will be based on the real-world problems and their solutions via machine learning approach. The participants will gain solid theoretical knowledge as well as a lot of practical work.

Please notice that participants’ knowledge and skills level should be intermediate or higher. The students have to be familiar with the basic machine learning methods.

There are will be three totally independent workshops (two of them go simultaneously). You may apply for one or two workshops. The information about particular workshops can be found on separate web pages. Below there are the brief descriptions, lecturers, price and terms information.


Computer Vision workshop, July 3-7

Part 1. Statistical Decision Theory in Computer Vision, Structural Prediction, and Learning

Part 2. Generative Models. Latent Representation Learning and Analysis

More information on the Computer Vision workshop web page.



Alexander Shekhovtsov, Ph.D.

at Center for Machine Perception, Prague


Kostiantyn Antoniuk

at Augmented Pixels, Odesa


Taras Sereda

Researcher engineer
at sprint-42, Kyiv


Oleksandr Obiednikov

Head of Face Recognition Department
at RingLabs, Kyiv

Natural Language Processing workshop, July 3-7

Key topics:
– Word and document representations
– Text classification models
– Language modeling
– Semantic similarity analysis
– Sequence-to-sequence modeling

More information on the Natural Language Processing workshop web page.



Vsevolod Dyomkin

NLP expert
Co-founder of the lang-uk project


Yuriy Guts

Machine Learning Engineer
at DataRobot

Reinforcement Learning workshop, July 10-14

Key topics:
– Bandit algorithms
– Markov decision processes
– Model-free control
– Value function approximation
– Policy gradients
– Deep reinforcement learning

More information on the Reinforcement Learning workshop web page.



Pablo Maldonado, Ph.D.

Applied mathematician and data scientist consultant
Czech Technical University, Prague

Participation fees

The participation fees are presented in the table below. Please notice the application deadlines. The participation fee doesn’t include accommodation or meals.

Only one workshop (NLP / CV / RL) 6 000 UAH 7 500 UAH
Two workshops (NLP & RL / CV & RL) 9 500 UAH 11 000 UAH



Organizers can provide discounts which cover up to 30% of tuition fee for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. full-time students from the Ukrainian universities. In order to apply for a discount, the eligible students should fill an additional form and:

  • provide the personal statement that explains a discount need;
  • provide a letter of reference from a teacher of the home university.

A number of discounts are limited. The organizers are not obligated to explain their decision in a case of the acceptance/rejection of a discount application. Apply for a discount by the link



Eligible applicants should be familiar with machine learning basics, deep learning, linear algebra, basics of statistics. Most workshops will use Python as the main programming language. The specific prerequisites are mentioned on a separate page of each workshop.


Application process

Before applying for the workshop(s) one should become familiar with the terms of service, application rules, fee payment procedure, study schedule, certificate issuance, accommodation resources. Please, follow the “Terms of service” web page to read more.


Application is closed



Machine Learning Workshops are supported by the partner companies. We are very grateful to these companies for their contribution.


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Ring Labs is an R&D center in Kiev, working with software development in machine learning, computer vision, intellectual data analysis and other artificial intelligence fields. R&D center in Kiev is always welcoming talented developers. Let’s do great things together!


Augmented Pixels creates the world in which drones and robots can see and navigate as humans do. Unique computer vision algorithms (SLAM) of the company allows drones/robots/mobile/HMD navigate outdoor and in the GPS-denied environment with high accuracy by using just basic hardware (RGB Camera + IMU).


Technical partner

FlyElephant is a platform for data scientists, engineers and researchers that accelerates their work and makes doing business easier with automated Data Science and Engineering Simulation.
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Previous workshops

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In case you have any questions, please contact us via